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Banned for withholding information

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  • Banned for withholding information

    I was named as driving a car which is nothing to do with me for speeding. The person who’s car it is panicked as he had left it last minute sending the form back. He didn’t know for certain who was driving as he allowed a few others to drive it. Unfortunately my name was put down, this is where I’m ultimately I received the first letter asking for a plea which I did online …not guilty and all I could say in defence or who was driving was it wasn’t me and I have no idea who was but I received a summons to court in Weymouth , some 45 mins from my home if driving ( I had no car). I also had major anxiety related to ptsd and my ex who got bailed to Weymouth , anyway the build up made me really ill and I notified the court I was unable to attend after that I expected papers with new date but never received anything after. Maybe I should have chased it up but I thought it must have been thrown out. Then to my surprise I see myself named in the local paper as having a 6 month ban and a huge fine of nearly £1500 with costs. My full name and address was also listed putting my family at risk with my ex who is on the register. Where do I start with this? Please help.
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    Hi ChelseyP

    You could contact the ICO regards to your details being listed / published in the press.

    I'm not sure what you can do regards the case / fine now.

    You could have challenged things at the time.


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      Not quite sure what you were found guilty off, but it seems as if it was for breaking speed limit on a motorway.
      Not only a hefty fine & points, but it will impact any motor insurance you effect for the next few years

      You might obtain more assistance if you post on Pepipoo (http://forums.pepipoo.com/)


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        It was not supplying information. Although I did state via the online link that I had no idea who was because it wasn’t my car


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          I thought max fine was £1000, or have you included court costs in your £1500?

          Anyway for your defence of failing to identify you needed to show the Court that despite making all reasonable and diligent enquiries.it has been impossible to establish the driver's identity,

          As advised previously, post on Pepipoo, as probably not viable financially to instruct a solicitor specialising in motor cases


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            Fines are worked out on income. If you do not give income details it is assumed you earn £440 a week. You can contact the court and ask them to relook at the fine because you do not earn at this level. I think you have been convicted of speeding not fail to provide information is that correct?


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