Hi All

new to this site.

in October last year I was stopped for having no tax. I believe I did as the DVLA email said the tax would auto renew unless I stopped it. It did not auto renew. However, I don't think this is a good enough defence or is it?

The main issue is. In May this year I received a single justice notice from magistrates court. The offence was listed as driving an unlicensed vehicle which is correct. It said on there that I may get a discount if a plead guilty so I did as I thought it's not worth the risk to loose. I filled out the plea form as guilty and in the means form I entered my outgoings and noted I do not know my income at the moment as I recently lost my job (team leader for a civil litigation team, not much help in this case though haha) and put on there I am awaiting the calculation of my benefits and asked for this to be taken into account. I sent this recorded next day delivery and have evidence.

Today I received a notice of fine and collection order. However, the offence I have been fined for is wrong. It is listed that I SORN the car and continued to drive it. I have spoken to the enforcement team and they have advised me to call the court the hearing took place as this is wrong.

I would be grateful if I could get some advice on this. Can I use there mistake to reduce the fine? Is it worth appealing? What happens when magistrates make mistakes like this?

thanks in advance everybody.