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Car Insurance claim but not insured...

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  • Car Insurance claim but not insured...

    Hi people.

    So tonight I got home, ran into the house to get changed before heading out, in this short amount of time, my next door neighbor came out, reversed into my car, small amount of cosmetic damage but broken the radiator I did the necessary and called the insurance people, her's seemed a little UN helpful and said they need to speak to the policy holder, because she apparently was just a named driver.
    I then called my insurance people who advised that I no longer have insurance as they didn't receive my no claims bonus, and i speak the truth when I say I had sent it, and also still have the email with my no claims so do have this proof.

    I am guessing i am in a mess right now. I have put in a complaint to the insurance company as i have not received a letter asking for anything or threatening cancellation but after calling them today to put a claim in this is what I have been told.

    Please, Please can somebody shed some good news on this.
    ~Never has PPI refunds been owed to so many...by so few~
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    Re: Car Insurance claim but not insured...

    Oh Also, I have put in a complaint about being cancelled, without being concerted, would they under any circumstances re instate my insurance. (this is what I am hoping for)

    Is it worth trying to claim on their insurance and see how far I get or would they immediately contact my insurance and be told it was cancelled.
    ~Never has PPI refunds been owed to so many...by so few~


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      Re: Car Insurance claim but not insured...

      Regarding the damage to your vehicle: the person who drove into you is responsible for the damage. you do not have to involve your insurers (if you have insurance or not the responsibility for the damage lies with the third party).
      Write (recorded delivery) to the driver describe the accident, and say you hold them completely responsible and will be obtaining 2 quotes for the repair. If the vehicle is not driveable (you said radiator was broken so presumably you have lost coolant) state that you will be hiring a vehicle at their expense.
      As you are (or were?) probably on good terms with your neighbour warn them that you are doing this for the benefit of their insurers.

      You do not claim on your neighbour's insurance. You claim against them and they make the claim. They have no call on your insurance and you do not have to release details about your insurance to them.

      Regarding the problems with your own insurer,1) are you dealing with the insurers directly or through as broker
      2)did they write and tell you your policy was cancelled
      3) how long has the policy been running
      4) did you pay premium upfront or by monthly DD
      5) if upfront have they returned any premium
      6) if by DD have they ceased taking the payments and have you heard from the finance company?

      Sorry about the questions but need to know the details to be able to advise more fully.

      Have just reread your posts amd initially I feel you should just approach your insures and explain you did send proof to them.
      As it has gone missing they should be able to obtain confirmation directly from your previous insurers (who probably won't give it to you directly), and ask them to reinstate policy or at least hold you covered whilst the matter is sorted.

      When proof of NCB goes missing it always seems to get messy because insureres are under no obligation to pass it over


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