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Sold a dangerous used car

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  • Sold a dangerous used car

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to this forum and have a question. I bought a used car (2020 plate), last Tuesday and drove it home. I went out in it on Wednesday and started to hear a ‘knocking’ sound!! It gradually got louder and then the car wouldn’t go above 20mph. I then lost control and came to a standstill on the pathway about 1 minute from my home. When I got out and looked, the front, left, wheel had come off and there were no bolts to be seen!!! I contacted the dealer who promised to send out a mechanic that evening but instead it was just his brother and he was not a mechanic! All he did was put four bolts on and took it for a test drive up my road (20mph limit and he did 60mph) to show there was no problem with the tracking. I asked about what damage this may have caused and he didn’t comment. Feeling very uneasy I contacted my local garage, to give it the once over. They found one of the bolts he had put on had already come loose!! He then said I needed a new wheel hub and a new bolt, as the thread on one had been damaged and wouldn’t hold it in place! I am currently awaiting a quote to see how much this will cost. I contacted the dealer with all the information above as I have a three month warranty with the car. He wants me to take the car back for them to fix but I don’t feel confident allowing him to do that!!! Am I able to go ahead and present them with my bill from the other garage….. legally?! The fact that they have offered to repair it, how will that affect the outcome? I suffer from anxiety, currently having therapy….. this has left me feeling extremely anxious. Any advice would be welcomed….. thank you.
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    You are right not to trust the dealer. Sending out his brother, who is not a mechanic and who told you the car was now fine when it clearly wasn't was bad practice and could have resulted in a serious accident.
    Under CRA 2015 you have a short term right to reject the car. If you are happy with the car apart from the wheel and hub which can be repaired, I would go ahead and get the repair work done at your reliable local garage.
    Take dated photos of the damage and more after the repair work.
    Write to the dealer enclosing a copy of the itemised repair bill and ask him to refund you the money.
    If he refuses, or you are unhappy with the amount he offers, send him a LBA citing your rights under CRA 2015.


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      Hi there,

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. What does CRA and LBA stand for please?


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        Consumer Right Act and Letter Before Action (Action =court claim)


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          Thank you again for your reply. I have decided to go ahead with my local garage and to do what you suggested. They are fixing my car tomorrow, so I will get receipts and then contact the dealer re: a refund! Sadly it is going to cost £350 and then labour on top. At least I will feel confident in the car again.


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            Great. When you write to the dealer give him 1 week to reply before you take matters further.


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              Again, thank you for your reply. Really glad I found this forum! I will do that and send it recorded delivery, so they can’t say they haven’t received it!! Will update when I have some news.


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