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Gladstones letter

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    My sis spoke to the owner of the flat online. She said there's nothing in the lease about that car park as her parking is under the building. The one I parked in is the public one.
    It really sticks in my craw to pay 170 for parking on the line. I offered them the 60 and they wrote back that they had destroyed the cheque and wanted 100! As it was the middle of a pandemic the mail service wasn't great so the appeal was slightly late.
    This just feels like daylight robbery. 170 from my meager pension :-(


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      Stupidly I admitted to being the driver in the first appeal. I didn't know any better then.


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        So last chance is your attempt to pay the reduced charge of 60

        Can you find and post up original first notice to keeper (redact identifying details but leave all dates)/

        Also when did you post the cheque, and what date was on it?

        Have you checked they have not paid it in? (Don't trust them when they say they have destroyed it so keep that notification safe !!)


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          This is the original notice. The bottom is cut off because I sent it with the cheque. The cheque stub says 13/12/21.
          Attached Files


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            I'll check my account to see if it was cashed. Thanks for the heads up.


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              As you said " it was the middle of a pandemic the mail service wasn't great so the appeal was slightly late" I was hoping just a couple of days out.
              However as the cheque was dated some weeks later that isn't a viable defence

              You might try asking Gladstones how they justify the demand for 170 when the protection of Freedoms Act 2015 (PoFA 2015) at Schedule 4 sec4 (5) states they may only recover from the keeper the amount (100) stated in the notice to keeper.
              Exact wording: "(5)The maximum sum which may be recovered from the keeper by virtue of the right conferred by this paragraph is the amount specified in the notice to keeper under paragraph 8(2)(c) or (d) or, as the case may be, 9(2)(d) (less any payments towards the unpaid parking charges which are received after the time so specified).

              They might not realise that they know you were the driver and so reduce their demand to 100.


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                Hi, the cheque was dated later because I had to wait for the appeal decision to come back. By the time I posted the appeal and they wrote back to me that took most of November. They asked for 100 but I enclosed a nite that it was the mail service why the appeal was a bit late, it could only have been a day or two. They say the extra 70 is for "time and resources spent facilitating the recovery of unpaid parking charge notice pursuant to uts ATA's Code of Practice and the Terms and Conditions of the contract,"
                The furst claim from the debt collectors was 170 though.
                What do you think my chances are in court if I explain it was pandemic time, I attempted to pay, they refused and wanted more?


                • #23
                  Unless you get a very sympathetic judge I doubt it will wash!

                  ATA's code of practice (sec 19.1.5) states the Parking Company must consider appeals which are received outside of the normal period usually allowed for lodging an appeal where there are exceptional circumstances for the appeal not being lodged within the normal time frames.

                  You might argue that the code of practice is a term of the contract and that the Company are in breach.

                  If you decide to do so, good luck


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                    I think a global pandemic affecting mail delivery is an exceptional circumstance, so I'll try that. My grateful thanks for all.this brilliant advice Des8! Without this I would have gone mad. Thanks you, thank you, thank you x


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