Hi Everyone and thanks for having me on this group.

I emigrated to Italy 7 years ago. Recently my one and only daughter announced that she was pregnant so i decided to spend time with her. Rather than rent a house i found a static Caravan on a proper registered site and agreed a monthly rent which i would pay regardless of occupancy.¬*

Having been informed that if i will be away for more than 31 consecutive Nights then i would be council tax exempt ?.
Having got back 5 days ago in my letterbox is a council tax demand for a full years council tax. I emailed the section at the local council to then receive a reply that as it is my permanent home and visiting family in Italy does not exempt me !!!!!.Totally arse about face with my living arrangements Despite in my email to them explaining everything that i will be using the caravan to stay for up to 2 months maximum then return home and return again in 2-3 months on a onwards basis.¬*

Can anyone please advise on the law regarding this form of habitation please and for which periods i must not be living in the Caravan.

Thank you in advance¬*