Hi All,

Without going into to much depth we stupidly have got ourselves into council tax arrears. Mainly due to difficulties with the council and it being a new property we where slightly behind on council tax. We setup a payment plan with a standing order where again through no fault but my own in not checking it after we moved banks 2 payments failed.

The council have instructed Brisow & Souter to collect the debt. After working away for 2 weeks I have come back to letters giving me 7 days to pay and also a letter from the bailiff who visited Thursday. (2 days ago).

I called the council offices and am willing to pay the debt in full to the council but they refused.

The letter left a mobile number for the bailiff.

what is the best way to proceed.

many thanks for any help.

Council Tax owed: 1300
Bailiff with fees wants 1590