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Advice regarding social services failings

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  • Advice regarding social services failings

    Good afternoon
    Hope everyone is well
    Thank you for accepting me on to this forum
    I'm doing a post for a family member

    I'm hoping this is posted on the right page
    When she was 8 she was on child protection
    During that time she confided in a social worker that she was being sexually abused
    Being so young she assumed social services would do what they could to help her
    But as time went on and she was taken off child protection and started to live a somewhat normal life
    She always wondered why the police or her parents didn't speak with her
    After many years of living with this trauma
    Social services handed her social records over to her ex husband
    Very silly move
    She did sue them and was compensated for the data breach
    But once she got her records back off him
    She saw that social services didn't even make a big deal of it and basically made it sound like she was just touched
    When showing her records to her parents they were shocked they was never made aware of her abuse by them
    Police or school wasn't even informed

    She is still recovering and receiving help
    But her family support worker as helped her do a complaint about how she was failed
    Her support worker is giving her so much hope on how not only will she justice or answers as to why it was never taken seriously but also told her she will most likely be compensated for this

    But now she had done this complaint she feels like nothing will be done due to it being so long ago
    And they will probably tell her that too much time as passed and she should of done the justice side her self
    She is full of more doubt now she is going on this journey
    Than she was before she started this journey for answers and justice
    Can someone give her some hope that this complaint will be taken seriously
    I just feel she has been failed so much by so many
    And its time she got answers for all these failings

    Thank you
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    The limitation rules differ when the person involved was a child.
    She should not give up. She should find a personal injury lawyer who can take a full statement and advise directly on whether she might still have a claim. She might and might not.
    It should not cost her anything and will provide a definitive answer.


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