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Changing childís name, solicitor problems

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  • Changing childís name, solicitor problems

    So my ex partner wonít allow a double barrelled surname for my 6 year old.
    I made the application myself and then had a panic I was out of my depth so went to a solicitor for 30 mins free. They didnít turn up to the appointment and ended up rescheduling, she told me to apply for legal aid. I qualify through DV and financially

    The service after that continued to be shoddy, had a week to file my statement and I wrote what I wanted, her junior wrote it up. She filed it the morning or court an hour before!! and then had a telephone hearing 30 mins.

    legal aid wrote to say they donít do funding for name changes. How could she not have known that is their rule, no grey areas!
    so now, 9 days before the final hearing sheís emailed to say Iím being charged 325 for work so far.

    So my question is, do I need to be represented, my original statement was asked to be disregarded by the defence solicitor and be resubmitted with proper notice, Iíve not really anything to add to it I donít think. And also these charges I really begrudge paying them because of her ill advice the decision was taken from me I feel.
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    I'm sure other members will address your question.

    Regarding the £325 fee, you are correct they should have known that 'name changes' aren't covered by 'Legal Aid'.

    a) Lodge a formal complaint in writing with the solicitors regards the £325 fee, follow the solicitors complaints procedure.
    b) Once you get a Final Response Letter and if your still not happy, lodge a complaint with the
    Legal Ombudsman, so you get fully compensated.


    You shouldn't be out of pocket because of their 'errors'.


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