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    I read with interest discussions relating to not only family law ,but also matters I am dealing with Ingenious Ltd and a PPI claim I cant recall authorising. Basically I have been with my wife (married only Islamically) since 2000. we have 2 kids 20 and 16. This is our second home. on August 11th she walked out and began living at her parents home where only her sister lives now. The sister is one of the main causes of our arguments as she is 43, single and very needy. For the first three weeks she did not return but would pick up the kids and drop off outside.

    Now she has began to come in and stay a while. she came last night but i just retired upstairs without seeing her. She has had me blocked on text messaging, wassap etc. since June although I have messaged as well as asking my children to ask her to unblock me,

    The house is paid for and in both names. I have many health issues including bipolar mood disorder plus particularly i am immno compromised which has made me shield for the majority of the pandemic. One of the other major issues leading to the breakup was the blatant disregard of rules regarding Covid19 by my wife and particularly her sister. It was and still is a very worrying time for me. Since the 11th of August, my wife and her sister as well as my daughter tested positive for Covid19 and all three then did their isolation period at her sisters house.

    Where do I stand with regards to the house ? As you can appreciate it is very worrying for me and only adding to my pre-existing issues of health and life.

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    Hi Asda

    I think any immediate change in environment (house etc) would be 'harmful' for you. Your wife visiting could potentially also be harmful for you (although I'm assuming you've been vaccinated). You could ask your wife and daughter to wear masks and keep a distance when they visit or stay so that gives you extra protections.

    I'm sure other members will advise.


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      I was hoping I got more than just one comment. My concerns are genuine and I was hoping insight into my situation from fellow members would help to understand the options available to myself. Your comments will be greatly appreciated.


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          Hello Adsa - I am sorry you have problems. However I am usure what you wish to achieve. Do you want to separate from your wife? Do you want custody of the children? You say this is your second home. Do you mean you have 2 properties? Is your wife threatening to sell the property? Whose names are on the deeds? And of course in respect of her behaviour - are you being controlled, intimidated or harrassed because of your medical status? If you can tell us what you wish to achieve there may be help for you but I think most members are confused.


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            Thank you for your honest input. My confusing post is somewhat resembling the confused state I am in.

            Today it is 5 weeks since my wife left the marital home. Regarding custody of the children, one is 20 and the other 16 - they are still with me. This is our second home is meaning this is our second house that we have shared since our marriage in 2000, and we have only the one property. Both names are on the property and no my wife has not threatened to sell the property as yet. However, in the event of a complete seperation/breakup, it will be be necessary to sell the property so we can go our own way.

            My wife put more into the house financially (both houses) where’s I contributed more into gutting both houses and modernising them. This involved in the second house taking six months off work and working on the house changing piping, central heating, kitchen, bathroom, electrics etc etc. Basically the whole house was gutted ! The necessary skilled people were employed for the electrics and gas work, but other than that the labour involved of hanging radiators and feeding wiring through walls and under floors was done by myself and a friend full time for nearly six months.

            I would just like to know where I stand legally ? Any breakup is difficult for both parties and the children concerned. Your opinions would be appreciated.



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              no matter common answer is a solicitor would suggest 50/50., in my case I paid mortgage all the time, the OH paid once when I had no money we were separated at the time and I was fighting unfair dismissal case (won eventually that is another government system fraud by unemployment department then)., the property was sold eventually and 50/50 less individual separate bills accrued due to unfair dismissal by a top company was paid I had to agree it and most bills I use to pay anyway, (Man looses out always woman in the wrong/right wins always.) OH would not sign papers unless I paid everything., (held hostage). so no matter who paid what you lived together tenants in common (Cohabiting) there should be no problem,.

              ​​​​​​ Dividing the family home and mortgage during divorce or ...

              https://www.moneyhelper.org.uk › family-and-care › d May help you understand., but get a good solicitor.


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