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NHS/Alzheimer's Soc. Dementia Campaign

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  • NHS/Alzheimer's Soc. Dementia Campaign

    To raise awareness - targets family & friends.


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    Re: NHS/Alzheimer's Soc. Dementia Campaign

    This looks simple enough, read the instructions, if you think your family member has any of these problems then send em off to your GP for a check up.

    No mention of how to approach your family member on this subject and try and coax them to the GP.
    As par for the course with Dementia is a change of personality, depression and a short temper, so you have to tread very carefully so as not to upset the person in any way.

    In my own experience on this matter I mentioned it to the staff while dad was in hospital having a knee replacement, I was ignored and actually one staff nurse spoke to me as though I had fallen off the bottom of her shoe, she wasn't having any that I suspected my dad had Dementia.
    I had a while before this mentioned it to my GP as dad is with the same practice, although because they really can't discuss the person with you in a round about way it was arranged that next time dad popped in for any reason she or who ever he saw would do a short mental test to assess him , even though dad went a couple of times to the GPs the test never happened.

    In the end it was because dad was very poorly after his knee op and I called out the crisis team and he was admitted to a rehabilitation unit did they even consider dad had any thing else wrong with him. After meetings and discussions he was eventually assessed and later diagnosed with Alzheimer's. He is now on medication that can not cure, there is no cure, but that can hopefully slow down the illness.

    So please if you do suspect (and no one knows your nearest and dearest better than you) then even if it means changing GPs or going over their heads then do it. As it states in the article much better sooner than later for all concerned so don't let them fob you off.

    Hopefully your nearest and dearest will escape this horrid illness, but sadly it is very common and as we are living longer will become even more so.

    Enaid x


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      Re: NHS/Alzheimer's Soc. Dementia Campaign

      Great write up.

      As some of you will know, my dad was diagnosed with this in his early 60's and we just wish we knew more about this condition before he was, so by early detection there is help out there to help slow the progress.

      I sadly lost my dad last year at the age of 69, not due to this condition, but folks as enaid says if you recognise any of the symptoms and with family and friends - act on it immediately because there is help for this.

      Thanks for posting this up enaid & charitynjw x x:tinysmile_grin_t:


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        Re: NHS/Alzheimer's Soc. Dementia Campaign

        This may not always be apllicable, but it's worth mentioning. If someone is aware that their behaviour constitues a mental illness of some sort at times, it is worth encouraging them to sign a Lasting Power of Attorney for times when they do not have the capacity to deal with their own affairs.

        A Personal Welfare LPA is also worth considering.

        However, for conditions other than Alzheimers, where the health condition comes and goes, I am not aware of anything that will give temporary control to an appointed representative who can then pass it back during times when the person can cope by themselves.


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          Re: NHS/Alzheimer's Soc. Dementia Campaign

          Originally posted by labman View Post

          However, for conditions other than Alzheimers, where the health condition comes and goes, I am not aware of anything that will give temporary control to an appointed representative who can then pass it back during times when the person can cope by themselves.
          The Debt Star and Budgie provided a lot of information covering the above in a thread started by Casper in April.



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