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Concessions for the Disabled and Carers

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  • Concessions for the Disabled and Carers

    A list of some of the things that disabled people and carers can receive.


    Transport and carers - Carers Direct - NHS Choices

    Toll Bridges

    All major toll bridges offer a disability discount- but all differ. Its worth checking in advance.

    For excample, the Severn Bridge only requires the blue badge to be shown at the time of crossing and the Humber requires pre registration.

    Toll concessions for disabled people : Directgov - Disabled people


    The Cinema Exhibitors' Association Card

    National Trust

    National Trust | Visits | Visitors with disabilities

    You need to check your local council for concessions on Sports and Swimming Centres.

    There are many attractions and theme parks that also have concessions for carers here are a few examples.

    London Zoo offer a discount for a disabled person, plus a free ticket for a carer.

    Bristol Zoo offer a good reduction,for disabled people and the carer goes free.

    Those with a disabled persons bus pass can get a 50% discount on National Express coaches.

    York Theatre Royal give a discount for disabled people with carer.

    Always check websites or give them a ring to check if discounts or free admission is offered to carers, also ask on arrival if you end up somewhere unexpted, you never know till you ask
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    Re: Concessions for the Disabled and Carers

    National Express coaches will no longer be able to offer a 50% discount for disabled people, for this reason.

    Last year in the spending review, the government added an extra cut that wasn't noticed among the big announcements. From October, disabled people and pensioners will no longer receive half-price concessionary coach fares, saving the government around 20m.

    Please read the full report here
    Disabled people rely on travel concessions | Lucy Glennon - Legal Beagles Consumer Forum

    Also this week I have written to my local MP about the new policy for renewal of Blue Badges. The government now says each renewal application has to be treated as a new application and they are doing away with contacting GPs to one of independent assessment. By this I personally take it as the decision as to the renewal of a new badge will be down to some jobsworth at the local council.

    My initial complaint was that a 16 page form has been sent for my 85 yr old father suffering with Alzheimers to fill in and there is no alternative for people who can't fill in form only to go to the office for help or get a relative to do it. I was told when I rang the local council office with my concerns 'it is the same for everyone' to which I replied 'but the thing is not everyone is the same are they'.
    If and when I get a reply I will post it here and please if you have any areas affecting you as a carer or the ones you care for by the governments big savings cuts please post on here. I doubt we can change any of the penny pinching methods that are being used to the most vunerable but it helps to get it off your chest imho.
    Enaid x


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      Re: Concessions for the Disabled and Carers

      A reply from Hazel Blears MP informing me she has contacted the Strategic Director for Community, Health and Social Care on my behalf with my concerns.
      She will be back in touch when she receives a reply.


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        Re: Concessions for the Disabled and Carers

        Ok had a phone call from the above (Strategic Director), she had a copy of the form and was going through it, (must have been the first time she had seen it). She agreed with me how complex it was and no information about where to get help to fill it on on the form. She is writing on my behalf to the Dept of Transport with all my concerns and will forward me copy of the letter.
        I think each local authority although following the same outlines may have a different set out.
        If anyone has a form could you please give me your opinion on it, this will be nationwide next April so any nit picking should be done now imho.
        Enaid x


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