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Child benefit tax charge

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  • Child benefit tax charge

    We received a letter enquiring whether we need to pay child benefit tax charge.
    i am full time mum till 2017, then started earning 20000 a year.
    my husband earned 44000 till 2016. Then to 60000 in 2017.
    we didnít pay attention to stop child benefit, as I wasnít earning much. We were also looking to settle down and buy a home.
    Now we received a letter enquiring us if we need to pay child benefit tax charge.
    i know we need to pay back as I didnít opt out. But I want to approach in a nice way legally and tell them We can only repay very little every month as we have huge mortgage and other debts.
    please can you kindly suggest how I speak to them ? Or suggest an email draft I can send them.
    hope you will help us.
    Thanks somuch in advance.
    kind regards
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    The child benefit will be required to be repaid partially from when your husbands income hit £50,000 up to when it hit £60,000 (1% per £100 over £50k) and once at £60,000 the child benefit would need to be repaid in full. It's repaid through income tax, is he registered for self assessment ? If he is earning over £60k now then you are likely best to ask to stop claiming child benefit to save you having to account for repaying it through his tax.

    https://www.gov.uk/child-benefit-tax-calculator to work out what you might owe.
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      Hello again,
      I also wanted to mention,
      my husband and I were renting two places as he couldnt commute to work everyday. It’s long way and with night shifts it was just not possible. So we had to pay 2 rents + living expenses. It didn’t occur we had to opt out. And after 2017 , he still commuted but to a closer place.just thinking if there is any way to explain and pay with out extra charges. Now we have a big mortgage, hence thinking what and how we approach .
      kindly advice


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