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Dubious Behaviour

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  • Dubious Behaviour


    I hope anyone can help/advise on this family law situation. I care for a parent suffering mental health issues, some years ago they had their daughter put in respite due to them relapsing. My sister has learning difficulties and cannot speak and has been in foster care probably 5 years now.

    Recently my parent has recovered and has asked for their daughter to be returned home, so no problems so far, social services felt their should be a best interest meeting in order to see if where her daughter should be best off living with us. However over the past few months there has been some worrying developments.

    My sister has fallen ill twice from illness never seen before in their medical history, both her parent and myself feel we are being blamed for these illnesses from the foster carer, but there is no evidence from her first illness. However from her 2nd illness things got even worse, my sister in foster care developed severe respiratory illness and had to be hospitalized with repeated GP visits arranged by the foster carer. No problems there, but one day we got an email from the foster carer's manager querying if we had did something to cause this. We replied in an email that she was unwell before she was staying over night with us.

    Fast forward 2 weeks and my father developed pneumonia and had to be hospitalized for 2 weeks. I alerted the foster carer by email to state its best my sister does not visit incase my father causes any respiratory illness to his daughter. Eventually my father returned home and recovered in full, but we then received an email stating no more visits from his daughter till a best interest meeting is held just incase the pneumonia caused a relapse in my sister's health, which I thought was odd, but we agreed.

    It is now 2 months and no best interest meeting, no date, no contact...nothing. So we eventually contacted his daughter's social worker only to find the social worker almost trying to persuade my father that he caused his daughter to develop serve respiratory illness, e.g. asthma. We both were furious and demanded where did they get any evidence of this? Because his daughter was very unwell before my father became unwell within 3 weeks. The social worker did apologize and stated that perhaps the evidence given was wrong and asked for a meeting, but the writing was on the wall. We already told them that his daughter was unwell long before his father became ill and wondered what was going on. If it wasn't enough for the first illness (not asthma, but some fungus growth), then the 2nd illness made us both concerned and worried.

    My concerns are due to the 2 past illnesses, we are worried for his daughters health and are thinking if their is a risk any health problems are not being dealt with to make a best interest meeting in the foster carer's favour.

    We are concerned if the social worker is taking advantage of my father's mental health issues to try convince and blame him for his daughter's constant ill health.

    We are also concerned why the best interest meeting is delayed for so long without a date being set. Plus we are also concerned if the foster carer is falsifying things to make us look as if we are a danger to our relative.

    Enough is enough, can anyone suggest anything? We are happy for an independent investigation, because his daughter cannot speak, I am worried about safe guarding and no social worker should be trying to convince someone who is vulnerable that they are causing someone to be ill without evidence or at least speaking to them before acting.
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