I really need some advice urgently please.

My partner and I split up in 2009, we took out a joint mortgage in 2007. I have a deed of trust stating that I get 28% or £78k on the sale of the house as well as my share. We have two children together who live with me... we were never married.

We shared the cost 50/50 despite me earning nearly half what he earned. We took a year mortgage holiday so he only contributed for 2 years.

I have been unable to get him off the mortgage and have been paying it by myself. His name is still on the mortgage and he is now saying that he wants his share and I have to sell.

He has wanted to be off the mortgage before this time but the bank would not lend me the money, I have been unable to get a guarantor as I was also self employed.

I am at my wits end now as I am scared that he can take me to court to force a sale and make us homeless.

Can anyone tell me if there is anything I can do as I have paid for the mortgage for the last 7 years on my own...

Thank you