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Subject for 7yo

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  • Subject for 7yo

    We are doing homeschoool now with my 7yo son, I am wondering what topics do you suggest to keep his attention and make him enjoy! Any ideas?
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    3 Rs basic then play time with reward if behaved


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      Admiralty law?


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        invest too much patience, you goota be creative too! You can start with playtime, he has to enjoy each.


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          Originally posted by efpom View Post
          Admiralty law?
          Hmmmm how do you do the admirality law, isnt it going to be too much for the kid you think?


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            Originally posted by bagaway View Post

            Hmmmm how do you do the admirality law, isnt it going to be too much for the kid you think?
            It's a joke.



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              Try faces. Get a few examples. Look at emotions happy, sad or angry etc.
              Make up a story, drawings etc. Ensure variety of ethnic group. Don't over direct let child make suggestions, e.g maybe making a mask. Follow your child's interest.
              Make sure there are opportunities to use own imagination. Have fun., Including you.


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                Look at mini beasts. then trees, Then money. Minibeast trail can be done in the garden, although not so much to be seen at this time of year. Trees, teach him the common types of trees and the difference between evergreens and deciduous trees.

                Geography. Both the UK and the world. Start with where he lives walk round it. Make sure he can get home. Then the town he lives in, then out to the country then the world.
                This can lead to potted histories, types of government, and discussions of why 5% of the population have more wealth than the remaining 95%.
                teach him about global warming and how your actions in traveling flying and so forth have an effect. Go and visit wind turbines and things.
                3Rs, storytime, you read to him he reads to you, you may end up reading the same story fifty times.
                A discussion of religion and a look at the major world religions, their belief systems, and holy books.
                If you are a person of Faith then get him involved in the young persons group in your faith community.

                You are preparing him to go to secondary school in a few years time so remember mens sana in corporo sanem, a healthy mind in a healthy body.

                As he is homeschooling it is essential that he gets interaction with other children. Cubs and later scouts are good for this.

                Better yet find him a good school and send him there let the professionals do their job. You can then support him with all the extra-curricular activity.


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                  Originally posted by efpom View Post
                  Admiralty law?
                  "The big ship sails on the ally ally o". Which Col Regs does it have to comply with?


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                    Originally posted by paulajayne View Post

                    "The big ship sails on the ally ally o". Which Col Regs does it have to comply with?
                    All of them!

                    (And I always thought it was allez, allez, Ho!)


                    • #11
                      No it's the alleys in Glasgow and originally it wasn't a ship. The alleys had open sewers running down them I will leave the reader to work out the rest.


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