I am on the understanding that if you are a LIP with a direct access barrister at a final hearing, under the CPR rules the order needs approval by the Judge.

Can anyone explain, what approval exactly means?

I attended a final hearing where approval was not given by the Judge. I signed the consent order under the threat that if I did not sign I would need a psychological assessment regarding my mental capacity. My barrister would not give me any details as to how she perceived the order would meet my needs so without this information I was unable to make an informed decision.
I attended a show cause hearing where there was no bundle. The Judge made an order that as I had signed the consent order it had to stand. I had to pay 5k costs for resiling although it was the Judge at the final who had not approved the order.

As there was no paperwork, giving details of assets, income, pension etc how can approval have been given. Or was this just an order made without any knowledge of our finances?