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School Absence Request

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    It is the Head's decision but it will form part of the stats which Ofsted inspect is my understanding. I do not believe the motive for the holiday matters unless it is exceptional circumstances


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      Originally posted by echat11 View Post
      Only posting for information - https://www.hartbrown.co.uk/latest-n...ing-term-time/

      There was talk in 2016 of reviewing it (holidays during term time), the Supreme Court (no comment) passed judgement on a case.

      I've just spoken with a Solicitor regarding my case. One point that she has raised to me that really has me concerned is that the LEA have the power to prosecute as an alternative to a fine.

      Can anyone advise how 'likely' it is that a LEA would choose to prosecute rather than fine?

      The solicitors concern was around the length of the absence (total of 25 days). For context, my daughters attendance record for this year is 100% and she only had two previous absence in Nursery and Reception both of which were medical reasons (a tonsillectomy and chicken pox). Her school reports have also been excellent and I'm told by teachers that she is advanced for her age...


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        Here's some more information - https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/fa...holiday-fines/


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          The prosecutions I have seen have usually been for very poor attendance over a long period (sometimes school refusers or parents who do not send them as they believe their children are being bullied etc). The cases are often complex. The LEA do have a right to prosecute of course though have a look at the sentencing guidelines: https://www.sentencingcouncil.org.uk...-revised-2017/


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            So you stick by your original advice which is to disregard the HT decision to mark it as unauthorised absence and go on the holiday regardless? You’d expect no more than a fine in the circumstances?


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              Depends entirely on your LEA and your Head, I am not advising you and have not advised you at any point whether to go or not, I personally would go in school holidays for such a long time and have told you clearly that your argument for not going in the Summer does not hold water - but the decision is entirely yours, You may be prosecuted in court or you may be issued a standard fine, Having asked the question here and of a solicitor you now have a wealth of advice, Ask your solicitor whether you will be fined the standard fine or end up in court as I cannot possibly say,


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                Agree with islandgirl. You will have more information to hand after the meeting, so assess the situation after the meeting.
                There is nothing to stop you writing to your MP, The Education Secretary etc.


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