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I'm sick of how people with above-average student loan debts are treated

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  • I'm sick of how people with above-average student loan debts are treated

    I have been lurking a lot in here for the past few months (with a couple posts) to try and figure out my financial situation. As I read more and more, I find myself disgusted with how you guys treat people with student loan debt above the average (which is like 30k now).

    My story is probably similar to a lot of the loan carriers, so I will share an abbreviated version of it:

    It is 2006. I am entering my senior year of high school, and my Dad and Mom are both working, doing well. Combined, they are probably making about 250-300k. They, along with the rest of pre-recession America, are telling me college is the way to middle class, and that they have saved up enough for me to go almost anywhere that's not Ivy League. I chose a University that costs about 26k a year.

    Fast forward a bit. It's 2009. My Dad has lost his business, and is now using my college savings to keep everything afloat. I am about to enter my Junior year of college, and my parents tell me I will have to take loans out to continue. I have suffered two years in engineering already, and do not wish to quit. I continue on.

    It's 2011. I graduate, and although I have a job lined up, many of my friends didn't. America is now telling us "college is worthless lol" and the grim realization hits us that the ENTIRE economy has changed. I cannot move home because https://100001.onl/ https://1921681254.mx/ I decided to keep my sanity instead of my money, and at this point my Dad was an abusive alcoholic and my Mother was extremely depressed.

    I do not share this out of pity. I have about 62k of loans and am making 75k, so I will be paying them off within a few years. But god dahmit, there are people worse off and I feel for them, because I chose a career that makes money simply because it's what I enjoyed most. I got lucky. If I enjoyed something that didn't pay as much, I would be in a much worse situation.

    If we want to have serious conversations about this, we cannot expect every 17-18 year old to have the financial knowledge of accountants. Most of the progenitors of college students also have extremely lacking financial knowledge, which is why you hear of this in the first place. Most 18 year olds are thinking about beer and having sex (well, I still think about that a lot), not about retirement, 401ks, healthcare, etc. You can think it's wrong all you want, but that is reality.

    So I ask of you, please get off your high horse. None of us are rich, and most of us will never be. We are all in this rat race together. Instead of saying "screw you I got mine", be more accepting of the fact that people are actually making an effort to pay their debt, and will speak highly of this sub. Thank you.
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    This is a UK site so we cannot help - thank you for sharing your story and good luck


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      This is a UK based site. If you had done your investigation you would have found that the UK situation is very much different to the USA. Originally college and university were free for the fees etc, with grant towards living expenses to those in need. That nasty word "Socialism"

      The free has gone and replaced by loans, from the government, that don't have to be repaid until a certain level of income. After a period of time the debt is written off.

      A completely different situation to the USA


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        Did you study Geography, by any chance?


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