Good day all.

As per the toptic title I have a few questions with regards to default notice and statute barred.
As I don't understand the law and lingo I might end up not explaining right or using the wrong terminology.

I have an ongoing case please see my post: Lowell Solicitors / Provident Personal Credit Limited for more details.

What does a default notice look like, I presume that said letter with have the wording default notice within the letter, if that is the case I don't think any of the paperwork that I have requested has this document.
When I contacted Provident Personal Credit Limited and submitted a subject access request (SAR) they said that the account default notice was issued in December 2014, but did not give the date, and no copy of the default notice, they did provide copies of the loan agreement and statement of payment.
They said that the loan was was sold to Vanquis Bank on 23/10/2015.

Where do I stand with the lack of default notice from Provident Personal Credit Limited and my on going case?

It is my understanding that "statute barred" is after six years, and with Provident Personal Credit Limited saying tha the original default notice was issued in December 2014, this is only 5 years, 7 months.
But I am unable to confirm this as I can not see a default notice with any of the documents provided by Provident Personal Credit Limited or Lowell Solicitors.

Thanks again for your time.

Best Regards.