I receive a lot of emails asking whether a court claim is Real or Fake. I'm not sure why people consider the court may send a fake court claim to them, but I agree the documents sent out by the court aren't particularly official looking, often poor quality paper that looks photocopied... however, on the page are details of how to log in to either moneyclaim online or moneyclaim beta so to check if a claim is 'real' it is always an idea to register on the relevant gov/hmcts platform and follow the instructions to enter the claim number and password for the claim form received. If you can view the details of the claim it is real.

There are two primary claims systems which the vast majority of claims are issued through.
Current MCOL:

New trial BETA MCOL:


They arrive in a brown envelope ( mostly ) with a PO Box address for the County Court Business Centre in Northampton on the back as a return address.

po box 300 northampton nn1 2tx

envelope 2.png
envelope 1.png

The claim forms look a bit rubbish... they used to be blue and on quality paper, but you know, austerity....

Look at the details in the box labelled IMPORTANT NOTE and register and sign in with those details on https://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk/web/mcol/welcome then follow this guide to acknowledge the claim -> Acknowledge Claim and then post on the forum as detailed here -> First Steps

claim form 1.png

It could also look like this if it has been issued through the BETA system at https://www.gov.uk/make-money-claim

2018-09-16 13_32_25-Start.png