Please can somebody help. I have received a claim form for an old style student loan 96,97,99
I have 14 days to respond from the 3rd of June.

I don't know what to are the details:

Received a claim? Yes
Issue Date: 3rd June2019
Have you Acknowledged the Claim?: no
Total Amount Claimed : 537.17 and 5631.33
Claimant’s Name: Erudio Student Loans Limited
Solicitors Firm: Drydensfairfax
Original Creditor: Student Loans Company
Original Debt Student loan
Particulars of Claim: 1. The claimant claims 5631.33 for monies due from the defendant.
2. This deby was pursuant to a regulated agreement(s) between the defendant and the Student loans company. Each agreement had an individual account number….
3. The defendant failed to make payments as per the terms resulting in the agreements being terminated. Notice of such is served bya default or termination notice subject to the terms of the agreement.
4. The debt was assigned to the claimant on 22/11/2013, with a notice provided to the defendant. A new master reference number xxxx was also applied upon assignment.
5. the claimant has complied with the pre action protocol for debt claims.
Is the debt Statute Barred (have you had any contact with the creditor or claimant over the last 6 years?): I think my last payment/contact was 22/11/2013
List any letters you have sent none
Any Other Information or Background Details I defereed until 2012..then too many forms and ignored them