Good afternoon, hope I will find a help here (sorry in advance for wrong spelling - English is not my first language).
I will quickly write my story.

Oct 2021 (renting) property agency told me that I have CCJ, so I lose my holding deposit because I didnt told them about it. (as I didnt know it)
By App Clearscore I found it that I have CCJ from CCBC issueAugust 2021.
I call them (CCBC) for any information and they told me that CCJ was send to the address which I move out on December 2019.
After that time I move out twice 1st: December 2019 - May 2021 and 2nd: May 2021 - present.
So CCJ was send to address were I not live for nearly 2 yrs.
CCJ was issue because I get PCN. I parked on my parking space (May 2020)without residential ticket.

At a glance:

Address 1: June 2018 - December 2019
Address 2: December 2019 - May 2021 (at this address I get PCN May 2020)
Address 3: May 2021 - present
CCJ: Issue date August 2021, was send it to Address 1

Im not 100% confident with my english (sometimes to times still using google translator) so I hope there is someone who can help me to sort it my problem.
When I call to CCBC they told me that I have to send them N244 If I want to ask judge to set a side.
But after reading I see that I need also: Witness Statement, a Draft Order, and a Draft Defence. Can someone help my with that process?
Any tample what should I write to N244 Q3?

For Q10 Is ok to write:

"Following a recent search of my credit file (08-Oct-21), I have found out I have a County Court Judgement (CCJ) against me, dated 4th August 2021.

Correspondence with the County Court Business Centre (CCBC) (11-Octt-21) confirmed this was filed by the claimant (XXXXXXX), in relation to a parking charge notice (PCN) issued on the 02 May 2020, due to park without valid pay & display ticket.

I did not receive any correspondence referencing the CCJ at the property in occupation at the time, or during the period thereafter until I moved into my current address. It is assumed any paper work was sent to an old address, therefore I have been unaware of both the CCJ.

As I was unaware of and did not receive any correspondence regarding the CCJ, I have been unable to defend myself in court (as I believe I am entitled to do). Therefore, on this basis, I believe it to be fair and just to order the following:
  • For the set aside of the County Court Judgement dated 04 August 2021.
  • For the Claimant to pay the Defendant 255 as reimbursement for the set aside fee"

Answer for Q10 was edited post from this forum which someone got very similar problem to mine. Hope that make sense.
Any chance to help me what else do I need?
Thank you in advance.