this afternoon I was caught shoplifting 3 items from Tesco (it totalled £11.34) and they took me back to the office and told me I would be fined. I offered to pay the amount but they said thatís not how it worked, there was no police involvement and they said I am banned from the store for 3 Months.
I feel really stupid and Iíve never shoplifted before, let alone been caught. They took a copy of my ID and said I will receive a fine in the post, and when I asked the cost they said it will be Ďa bit more than the amount of the itemsí. They said that if I donít pay it I will be taken to court.

After reading some some articles on here I noticed that a lot of tescosí fines come from the same company and the fines seem to be a lot more that 12 pounds. Does anyone know if legal action will be taken if I donít reply to the letters? Iíve read many people say they wonít take action so itís best not to respond or write a letter back saying they arenít complying with certain procedures, but many of those posts were written is 2012-2015, and I was wondering if anyone had any more recent cases? If they will follow through with it I would rather pay the amount. Luckily there is no police involvement and they said no criminal record, but if me not replying to the letters will give me one I would pay. I just really need some advice haha.
Thank you x