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Bought some Nik trainers in the USA

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  • Bought some Nik trainers in the USA

    Hi LB!
    I bought some trainers there in May when on holiday. Wore them a handful of times and a hole appeared in the sole of one shoe. A big hole.
    The shop in the USA refuses to take any product back because they have a 30 day policy.
    I have therefore sent the trainers back to Nik in the UK, pinpointing an obvious design defect/shoddy workmanship, and sent proof of monies paid, and asked them to refund or send a voucher so I can go on their online store and get replacements.
    They are refusing, telling me to return them to the USA, even though I told them this won't work.
    I now want to hold them responsible in the UK via their UK address.
    They told me I cannot hold them responsible, only the specific store in the USA.
    Is this right?
    It does not sound right. Surely I can hold Nik responsible for a pair of shoes they made which are clearly not fit for purpose?
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    your problem with the Nik trainers will come under the consumer law of the state in which you bought them UK law will not apply.

    Have you contacted Nik customer service, rather than just a store in the, UK? Maybe you need to take this to a high enough level.
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      As a UK citizen though, surely I have the right to hold the company to court in my home country?


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        Laws to achieve this did apply within the EU, but as between the UK and US, no.


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          Can I post Nik

          So are brand names not permitted?


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