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Faulty mobility scooter some advice required

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  • Faulty mobility scooter some advice required

    I hope someone can advise me thank you in advance for any replies.
    I bought a mobility scooter in July 2017 the scooter was delivered with a fault and I was unable to use it without help which was not always available. Due to poor health I didn't report the fault for four weeks when I did report it they took the scooter away for a week leaving me without a loan scooter. It turned out the fault was due to the retailer not putting the scooter together properly they delivered a replacement scooter. The replacement one has a different fault which I didn't know about because I could not test it as it was raining https://showbox.tools/. I have called them to be told when someone is in my area they will come and look at it.

    I can use the scooter but I am really worried it will break down and I will be stuck somewhere.I have no idea how long I will have to wait for an engineer to look at it.The scooter was expensive 2.500 and I have had two with faults so now I am concerned about reliability. It will soon be four months since the purchase date and I have not had a scooter that works as it should, they also back dated the warranty on the replacement scooter to the original purchase date. The one saving grace is I deliberately purchased it with my credit card.

    If I was to reject the scooter as not fit for purpose due to reliability does this have to be done within 6 months? also since the first problem was the fault of the retailer can I ask them to make the warranty from the date the second scooter was delivered?
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    You can reject the scooter under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. If you do this within 6 months then the fault was assumed to be present when you purchased it. As you reported the fault to them then that stops the clock. THey are allowed one attempt to make a satisfactory repair.


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      GARAOFSAND is the scooter a SupaScoota by any chance?


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