Hi all I,m new and please my spelling is bad but I need help as I have been made redundant and getting legal help is expensive my problem is

I ordered a part to be made in march 9 months to make,I was at work then and paid 1000 deposit, I gave them a borrowed part as pattern that I said I need back asap, because of corona owner did not rush me to get it back, but since begining of july he wanted it back, after being ignored by company emails phone calls I got through using different number for them to phone back, they promised to get part back by7-9-20 they again will not answer emails or calls, can I get my part back and cancel order? if they have not made a pattern they have not started and if I get it back they can,t start it, but if I don,t get it back owner of part might try to sue me?please any advice about getting it back and keeping or getting my deposit back would be helpfull I do not want to go and get it back and lose deposite or get sued for not giving borrowed part back