Hi, I've recently booked a sexual health screening via a private provider at a cost of 495. The booking was made in the evening for the following morning and I was meant to receive a text confirmation which never came. I decided to visit the clinic the next morning anyway, but instead of it being open from 8am as advertised it was not open until 10.30am. I spoke to a phone operative who changed the appointment to a couple fo days later. Later that day I realised I could not attend that rearranged appointment and called to try and cancel to be told I was inside of 48 hours so would receive no refund. The best that was offered was to move the appointment, which I did to 9 days later. I was very shocked to find the payment had already been taken despite me having had no appointment and now not being within 48 hours of the appointment.

I have since asked to cancel the rearranged appointment in writing, outside of the 48 hour window but have received no refund. I believe based on the advice below I'm due a refund:


Could anyone advise how if I'm correct in my reading of the citizens advice article above? Also, what should my next step be to retrieve my money?

Thanks, Matt.