Hi I was blackmailed by a very devious firm to sell our business assets to them after our finance company terminated our agreements.

They made us sign an agreement which is a sort of personal guarantee.

I need to know if it is enforceable I'll explain why it's dubious.

1. They emailed us the guarantee which had 'Provisional contract' written on it.

2. They asked us to print off the last page which carried over three lines from the previous page sign and date it but none of the other pages.

3. none of it was written in legal jargon.

4. We never signed a full bound copy of the contract just this last page and as such we dont even have a copy of this contract just the electronic version.

5. The last page was signed by one person photographed with an iphone sent to the me and one other for printing signing and scanning as a result this last page is not in very good condition.

So far Ive been advised that there is no contract as we didnt sign a full contract just the last page of an emailed version.
Also we have already not paid some of the monies the contract has stipulated and these guys have taken no action against us.

The finance company withdrew 3K out of our account after the agreement was terminated and refused to return it and told us they would knock it off what was in this contract reducing it from 10K to 7K this was done after the signing.
(we have email confiormation of this)

Lastly we have email proof they were using our equipment on jobs behind our backs before the company was signed over in the amount of 3K's worth of earnings.

Basically I need to get an IVA to wipe out the rest of the debt, I cant put the 10K in there its too much and they would just refuse to do it anyway besides there are unpaid debts in that PG we have to fulfil to suppliers (again we have heard nothing from the company regarding this except a polite email to please pay them) and I'm not sure if these would count as our legal debts in the PG.

Can someone tells me if this sounds like it is enforceable.

Thanks in advance.