If you’re making big changes to your life, the last thing you need is an uncertain financial future, so Frances Lindsay & Co have decided to offer all their clients fixed prices on their wide range of legal services. Every situation is different and they tailor services and prices to each client’s particular case, agreeing on fixed fees in advance for each piece of work so you don’t need to worry about unexpected bills. They don’t want you to be thinking about their hourly rate when you should be focusing on finding the best resolution for your circumstances.

Their fixed fee family law services cover a number of different legal processes such as arbitration and mediation, as well providing the reassurance of agreed costs on individual legal issues within your case, including:

Frances Lindsay & Co work with clients to set a fee for each stage of the process to make things easier and less uncertain when it comes to money. They are also able to offer fixed prices on life planning services such as making a will, or organising probate and power of attorney, and dealing with property and conveyancing. Their fixed fees include VAT, court fees and disbursements.

Frances Lindsay & Co are an experienced family law firm based in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire and their expert solicitors can provide you with versatile and down-to-earth legal services to suit your unique circumstances. They know how overwhelming it can be to seek legal services and believe that fixed fees are essential for clients to plan for their legal needs without worrying about the cost.

Source: http://www.franceslindsay.co.uk/fixed-fee-legal-services/


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