As reported by iFLG on 19 July 2017 the Family Procedure (Amendment No. 2) Rules 2017 were announced on 17 July 2017 with a number of rule changes to come into force on 7 August 2017. The changes are accompanied by the introduction of new divorce petition  to be used from 7 August 2017. The present (‘old’) petition will not be accepted by the Courts after 4 September 2017.We set out a few thoughts on the new petition in our previous article and we share here a quick-stop user guide to the new petition.The re-design clearly had the interest of litigants-in-person in mind and the form is now much more user friendly and contains a lot more guidance for the parties. It will look like the online petition due to be rolled out around the country.

Source: A quick-fire users’ guide to the new divorce petitions