Carl Wright, a notorious figure in the claims management industry, has failed in an attempt to prevent the liquidators of his company, Cartel Client Review Ltd, from obtaining a seizure order for his personal assets at Manchester District Registry this afternoon

Carl Wright
Carl Wright

Wright was the Al Capone of the claims management industry. His hollow promises of being able to legitimately write off debts by paying upfront fees wrecked havoc with the finances of thousands of consumers who were conned into the scam. We dealt with scores of his victims who included not just consumers but his employees and agents who were either never paid or encouraged to sell his pyramid type scheme to their famlies and friends. Some of the stories were heart breaking.

That he was banned by the Claims Management Regulator in 2010 but continued to trade in an array of various financial services businesses highlights the lack of oversight in the conduct of company directors.

The liquidator, Griffins, working in conjunction with ITUS Limited are believed to have secured an order for a 7 figure sum on behalf of creditors.

Manchester County Court

Martyn Osment the Managing Director of ITUS commented

“We have been aware of Carl Wright and his dubious business activities for a number of years; over that time we have worked hard with all interested parties to uncover evidence of his activities.”

”What we discovered was a revelation in a large number of complex company structures and ownerships in the UK mainland and The Channel Islands, seemingly designed to hide assets from the authorities and his creditors.”

”I have never before seen such a wake of devastation that this man has left behind him. He has shown complete contempt and disregard for his customers, regulators and the law. I am pleased that our efforts have contributed to the recent judgement and trust this is just the start of Justice for the many Carl Wright’s victims”.

We will publish the judgment when it becomes available.