Set Aside

If you receive notification of a County Court Judgment against you that you had no prior knowledge of then you may be able to set aside the Default Judgment under CPR 13.3 to allow you to enter a defence against the claim.

The relevant Civil Procedure Rules can be read here.

First step is to contact the claimants and ask them to consent to a set aside of the judgment.

If they refuse your request you will need to make a payment of £255 to the court to make the application. If you are on a low income and/or certain benefits then you may be exempt from court fees and should read the information on the EX160 form.  There is a guide to completing this form here.

You will need to make your application on form N244

The N244 form will need to be accompanied by a Witness Statement, a Draft Order, and a Draft Defence ( see below for examples of these)

If you are unsure of anything or just want to chat about the CCJ, get some support or read other peoples experiences please visit the forum

Draft Order
Witness Statement
Draft Defence