Hi Guys firstly I am new on this site and hello everyone, I am growing frustrated with a lying PPI Claims company called Consumer Credit Bureau based in Manchester they lied to me by telling me I do not need any paperwork account numbers as they are able to recover all these details and will not need them,however after a while about 5 weeks in roughly I was inundated with forms to give them every percievable personal details call me suspicious but to request this amount of personal data struck alarm bells and I did not respond,however they have quickly escalated to making drop calls to my phone and not answering them with you press answer on your phone guessing so this shows there pathetic attempts they made to contact me and can be used in court,, this is how they work,as no work has actually been done they are know threating to got to court for £200 for administration fees and court fees and threating to add a CCJ surely this is nothing but a scam by them by the way they cancelled the case of pursuing the claim so is this not breach of contracy by them, I am livid with them as this is clearly bulling and cheating and these sort of companies should be struck off.please can someone advise me as I need to threaten them with my own action.I apologise if this a repetitive thread.
Thanks to all who have taken the time to read and or reply.I need to do something in the next few days about this as I have a clean credit file and this is absolutely criminal behaviour.

Thanks again .