I'm stuck in a bad situation in my PCP deal as I've been mislead by the salesman who arrange the deal.

I'm 21 months into my PCP agreement, when I bought the car I stressed to the salesman that I need to be in a position whereby in 2 years time I need to be in a position where I can hand the car back in and walk away from the deal. He said that you will be in this situation just before the 2 year point.

I have just been on the phone to FCA to ask if I can do a voluntary termination but they said I have £4377 to pay before I can do this, that is 16 payments away. So that is 37 months into the 48 month agreement, not 24 which I was told by the salesman.

I'm really annoyed because I'm planning to move abroad to work for a couple of years and paying £4377 to hand the car back is really not an option.

Also to add to it, the salesman also advised my to reduce the millage on the agreement to get my monthly cost down because there will be enough equity in the car to cover it. I admit I was stupid to believe this but on the other hand I have been seriously mislead and in my line of work that would be a sackable offence. This was my first PCP deal and have previously leased from online companies.

The Jeep garage from where I purchased the car has taken over by a different company and the salesman is no longer there.

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.