Evening all,

ok, I'll get straight to it, i seperated from my ex 3 months ago and moved out of the family home. I pay my child maintenance, I would never do any different. I have my set days with my 2 sons also. I have been harassed every day via text by my ex,it's always abuse,an ultimatum or a threat. Recently it's got to the point of threatening not to let me see my kids. 2 weeks ago because I wouldn't agree to "sneaky sex", and tonight because I wouldn't rub deep heat on her back, I was told I had a time limit to reply to the latest abusive text or I wouldn't be allowed to see my kids, and that's how it now stands, I'm not to pick them up tomorrow as normal or the rest of the week.

can anyone offer advice or is it simply a case of having to go the "legal route"?

thanks in advance,