Hope this is in the correct place. My mum is in a nursing home with Alzheimer's and I was granted the LPOA in June last year.
I hadn't seen my parents for many years due to a fall out with my dad. He died last year and after a call to tell me, I went to see my mum. She was over the moon to see me and broke down as she had missed me.
However, a solicitor had been appointed by SS to apply to the OPG to look after her finances as a deputy
The care home told me that they had seen a vast improvement with my mum since I started going and so I felt my mum didn't need this ( along with the cost) so I arranged with SS for another assessment. This proved she did not have the capacity but did have to appoint a POA ( me)
However in September I found that the solicitor had my mums benefits transferred to an account in their firm. They said it was to pay bills. The only bills they have paid are their own despite utilities etc. demanding payment. They knew in June I had the POA but it wasn't until I sent a recorded letter that they told me they were still getting my mums benefits and never told anyone. They have since repaid the excess ( minus their fees) but will not send me details of what they were paying. On 18/4/17 I sent a SAR for all the info on my mum but they have not complied. I emailed the ICO, but nothing. Any help anyone please?