Hi All,

I wanted to check the following situation

We had been financially suffering during 2013 and sadly had not been paying our service charge on our flat. The service charge company contacted the mortgage provider who immediately paid off the service charge amount owing.

After speaking with the mortgage company it was agreed we would make additional payments ontop of our mortgage payment per month to clear this amount.

for the next 19 months we continued to send one payment per month covering both the mortgage payment and additional to clear the service charge amount.

I have noticed on our credit file that for this period the mortgage company reported the arrangement to pay. My main issue is that the AP flag on our credit file is quite misleading. It wasnt a case that we were not paying the original loan amount but rather making additional payments for the service charge arrears.

I have asked the mortgage company to amend the record as it is misleading in my opinion but they have refused stating that they must accurately report data. The AP stopped about 24 months ago and shows this on my credit file.

Is there anyway to get them to remove the recorded AP? or am I incorrect and these should show.