I have a close friend with an issue I'm wondering if you could give some advice. I will give you a run down of the current situation, and some points which with my little knowledge think need to be raised.

They have been given a letter asking to attend a disciplinary along with some "evidence". The main issue is an allegation of falsifying timesheets which have resulted in extra money being received. Copies have been given dating back to December 2016. Witness statements have also been supplied by staff members "unnamed". My friend disagrees with these claims.

  • The witness statement says that this staff member has been altering the timesheets since December 2016 as they didn't think it was right that my friend has the hours which were put down. This staff member we believe is not management, so unsure why they would be changing anything without informing my friend or line management.
  • My friend has said that she was not told to complete timesheets herself until the end of Feb 2017, of which she has been forgetting and other staff have been completing for her. So she knows for a fact any times Dec 2016 - Feb 2017 were not completed by her anyway, yet these are included in this. There is also no signature area on the timesheets to confirm who has submitted them, or any initials when amendments have been made.
  • Also the witness does not say they have seen my friend fill in the timesheet, which would not have been possible prior to Feb 2017 as she was not completing them, yet corrections were being made.
  • The corrections which have been done by this staff which they state they have done them all have different hand writing styles. Numbers have been crossed out and replaced. We would expect all amendments to be of the same handwriting style if its all supposed to be 1 person doing this but they are different.
  • Although evidence has been provided my friend has not been asked for her account and she he been suspended and asked to attend a disciplinary on the 24th, I don't see how reasonable investigation could have been done with asking for her side?
  • Along with this there has been an issue raised about work quality but there has been no written or verbal communication about this prior to this.
  • It seems to be a bit a a witch hunt and personally based on the points I raised above I think someone has made changes to timesheets to make this allegation.

Any questions let me know.