Hi just another poor soul needing advice

As many thousands have I am at odds with the DWP and ATOS

I am virtually housebound and have had a 'home' assessment, I thought I would be clever and I secretly recorded the whole interview via a hidden camera.

The assessment was completed but it appeared ATOS and the DWP have simply 'reversed reality' and everything I could not do they have simply stated I can.

I thought I could get them for fraud but again I am finding Solicitors 'unwilling' to help, what more could I need ? and do I really have to do this on my own even with real evidence of fraud ?? I would like to pursue a charge of 'Persecution' rather than fraud but I have now had no benefits at all for nearly 10 weeks and it is only for the excellent friends that I have that I am not homeless.

There must be someone who will take this on, surely its black and white fraud ?

Any help gratefully appreciated