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Thread: Statute Barred - When

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    Default Statute Barred - When

    Does statute barred start from last payment or default, i have a 2 debts that are in between these two dates. Both of these a credit card and a personal loan that i stooped paying 6 months before a default was placed on my account.

    If it goes to court can I place this as a default, statute barred.

    What timescales should i work on for statute barred stop paying or default?


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    Default Re: Statute Barred - When

    Hi & welcome to LB

    It's highly unlikely that the accrual date for the cause of action would be from the date of the last payment.

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    Default Re: Statute Barred - When

    Would it be from the last payment + x months or from the default notice. Its been around 2months after last payment but 4 months before default. Another has nearly gone into month 1 of missed payment and 7 month before default both for pretty large amounts 10k+.

    My concern is that i have recd court papers for an o/d which is being dealt with in another thread. its the same company i owe one of these debts to and i fear they will take me to court for these now. Not made any contact with them for 6 years.

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    Default Re: Statute Barred - When

    Are they writing to you about these debts?

    If so , have you sent CCA requests? This may be a way of slowing them down but if they are not actually chasing i would leave well alone

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    Default Re: Statute Barred - When

    | CCA Request if needed

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    Default Re: Statute Barred - When

    They have started sending letters, but standard letters stating I can make repayments etc... i just dont want to get a letter from the courts turn up randomly at my door, like the one ive just received about my overdraft, however the overdraft did goto Restons about a month before court action just didnt take any notice (Biding time).

    Since this court letter for my other bill, which im happy to deal with aslong as its the only 1 any other would probably cause me a massive amount of stress.

    Im going to wait it out for a bit, but was wondering if I was to open dialogue if i could delay it for a few months, or would they take notice and goto court (Bit of a gamble either way I suppose)

    But to ease my mind, I was just checking if anyone knew about the Statute Barred issue, when it starts from... theyre has been a lot of confusing info everywhere about it. There is missing payment, missing payment + 1(2) months or default notice. I know there was a case going through to resolve this confusion, however I cannot find any information on the outcome etc... I believe O/D dont become statute barred, may be wrong just something I read, whereas Credit Card and a Personal Loan do, just dont know when it starts???

    Any help would be appreciate.

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