I need a bit of advice about regarding a judgement for claim letter received from the county court for which I never received the original claim form.

I moved address in December and I am on the voters roll at the new address and my car is registered here also.

I have received two particulars of claim letters from Civil Enforcement at my new address ( 1st December 2016 and 22 February 2017 ) for alleged parking offenses in Debenhams last year. For both of these I have sent defence forms back to the court using adapted templates found on the forum. I have not heard anything since regarding these two cases.

However, I received today a letter that has been forwarded from my old address containing a judgement in favour of Civil Enforcement for a different claim number for £348.72

I never received the original claim form for this claim so could not send a defense as per the other two claims.

Can someone advise me please? I have copies of all previous letters and I am baffled as to why Civil Enforcement sent letters to my old address despite corresponding twice at my new one.