Hi. I'm ill. Digestive problems make it difficult to eat and swallow without gagging and vomiting. I'm on prescription drugs to deal with it, but still choke quite a bit (Particularly in the morning and lunch time. I have had this issue for over two years, but the Docs only diagnosed it and put me on meds maybe six months ago.

Work has a "no eating at desk policy" (Which everybody ignores.) I am being disciplined for eating at my desk (Locked room, etc.) despite them knowing my medical situation. I am facing being fired, or at the very least, have had my salary cut by £2600.

This is not the first time I've had issues with my employer. I have been bullied at work previously, including a physical assault (March 2016) and verbal abuse. It was, obviously, whitewashed, but it is on record.

Any ideas on how to fight this?