As a result of an investigation the Claims Management Regulator has cancelled Your Money Rights Limited’s authorisation to provide claims management services under the Compensation Act 2006 with effect from 4 May 2017.

Your Money Rights Limited was found in breach of the following Conduct of Authorised Persons Rules 2014:

General Rule 1 - A business shall conduct itself with honesty and integrity.

General Rule 11 - A business shall comply with the monitoring and enforcement arrangements of the Regulator.

General Rule 16 - A business shall provide to the Regulator the following information:
a) notification within 20 working days of any changes to the information provided in the authorisation process or subsequently.
b) any additional information that the Regulator determines it is reasonable for the business to provide within timescales provided for in the request.
The information provided must not be false or misleading.

General Rule 5 - A business shall observe all laws and regulations relevant to its business.

Client Specific Rule 1 – A business shall –
a) Act fairly and reasonably in dealings with all clients.
c) Ensure that all information given to the client is clear, transparent, fair and not misleading

Client Specific Rule 3 – A business must not engage in high pressure selling.

The cancellation means that Your Money Rights Limited may no longer carry out any claims management services.

Business Name:
Your Money Rights Limited
14 High Street
SA18 2LY
Sir Gaerfyrddin
Trading Names:

Financial products/services
Authorisation Cancelled