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    Default Harassment...

    Hello, this is my first post, so please try to bare with me as I explain my issue...

    I live on a relatively quiet housing estate on the out skirts of a major city and have done for just over 10 years now. Since 2012, I have been harassed by local yobs (which was dealt with by way of a PIN issued against them and a fine for one) but over the last 2 and a half years, I have been harassed by one particular individual who lives around 150 meters away from my property. Every day, he rides his very loud motorbike past my address, revving and making it "pop" to make me jump and there is no way it is a "fault" on his bike, it is a 2016 plate and this is not the first time or the first bike he has used to do this. He has had 2 other bikes, an Aprilla off-road type bike and a Yamaha 125cc bike in the past, this one he has now is the loudest that he has had so far.

    My concern is that this far, I have reported him to police repeatedly, and they have set up 2 meetings and both went nowhere. While I am getting more and more frustrated, he is taking the mickey out of me.

    Just today for example, he rode past deliberately revving his bike, which made me jump because it is so loud, it actually makes my clocks and pictures on my wall vibrate, and then he rides down a footpath. around 4 minutes later, he crosses the road, and looks up to my window seeing me there (I was not looking at him, I was writing notes in my diary at the time) and waves (saw this out of the corner of my eye). See while he is telling the police that he isn't harassing me (when he is) he is harassing me behind thier backs and making fun of me while doing it. I have a handicap, and I am of the view he is using that (and the fact that I live alone, parents have all passed on) against me to get away with this. I am close to doing something about him myself, and at this point I don't care about the consequences. It's going to get to a point where I can't take it anymore. He was actually close to forcing me out, and I did move, but decided against it as I was not keen on living in a back garden in an annex, so I moved back. I have complained to his housing association, and they seem to be deliberately mishandling my complaint and ignoring me. Orbit Housing being Orbit Housing, I am not surprised by that, they have been reported many times for this exact same thing.

    What I am asking here is this: Is there anything I can do legally to stop this individual continuing to harass me? Or am I stuck with having to deal with it myself?

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    Default Re: Harassment...

    Hi and welcome to LB

    Sorry to hear about your situation.
    You might find some useful information in this link;

    In the meantime start a diary of the incidents, and if you can record any incidents (on a mobile perhaps) it might help convince the authorities to do something about this young man.

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    Default Re: Harassment...

    Hi, please don't take this matter into your hands, as frustrating and upsetting at it is you may end up in more trouble than the trouble maker and possibly worse get hurt.
    Have you any neighbours who have witnessed this or have complained to you or anyone else about it?


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    Default Re: Harassment...

    Sorry for the very late reply, I forgot all about this thread as I have been in the U.S away from this constant blight on my life. Been back a week and a half.

    He has finally been dealt with by police, but he is still doing what he was given a section 59 warning for. I have of course written down these times and dates as well as having video footage as evidence and he just seems to be giving the proverbial middle finger to the officer that issued him his warning. I just don't understand what his problem is and why he is essentially laughing at the police. Does he not realise that they can confiscate his bike and crush it? I am now 100% certain that his family are encouraging him to do this and why I have no idea. Maybe his family are just thugs and are trying to use thier son to force me out by getting him to continue what he is doing. It seems this way anyway. I am not planning to move out, however, I do plan to word a very strong letter (with assistance from any experts here) to thier housing association of complaint. I am at the point now where I feel that I may have to get a restraining order from the courts with power of arrest against him and potentially his parents to stop him harassing me, and of course if he continues, he can be arrested and charged for it. I have video proof that he is doing this, he cannot deny what he is doing. He knows what he is doing, and he continues to do it, when I make complaints to police, he fabricates a story that he was "provoked", which of course is utter nonsense. He uses the same sad defence every time, which is why I have started to obtain video evidence of his actions and he knows it, this is why he is continuing to do what he is doing, unabated despite the police warning. He knows that I live alone (I prefer to, no nagging girlfriends, that kinda thing), and he uses his mother and father as "back up" to exploit this as a way out of what he is doing to cause me harassment alarm and distress. I accept that these properties are not correctly sound proofed, but that is not a reason to deliberately rev up his bike and cause it to "pop" right out side my window and give me the middle finger while doing it, proof he is doing it to harass me, which resulted in his 59 warning from police.

    I hope that this post helps one of the experts here find a way to assist me, I am reaching the end of my patience limit. This has gone on now for 2 and a half years, why should I continue to suffer?

    Thanks again. Thomas.

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