There was an article in the Brighton Angus newspaper about this case where social services in Brighton effectively completely and utterly bodged a child protection case where the father was capable of parenting a child. However due to the length of time that had happened in this case, it lead to an adoption order being given with the parent's consent dismissed despite the local authority withdrawing from the case. Post adoption contact has been granted but not an formal order for contact. There were 3 other children who will grow up together apart from their youngest sibling.

My understanding is that the father is going to sue the local council, and, will win. However,that will not bring back that child to his home which however you see the issue of "non consensual" adoption, was the right decision in a wrong case.

The first 40 paragraphs of the introduction are absolutely scathing of social services in Brighton at the outset of this case. I have never seen Sir James Mumby be this scathing before in other judgements.