I have started receiving letters from a company called Capquest. I assume it is relation to a dispute I have with my bank of over 30 years, Lloyds although I haven't yet had this confirmed.

My disagreement with them is the mis-selling of a Packaged Bank Account or Gold Account in the 1990's and PPI's. I was sold the Gold packaged account about 10 years after having the account on the basis that I needed to have one to get a car loan.
I did indeed get the car loan as well as may other products with the Packaged Account, I didn't really need the the 'extras' and they weren't always beneficial or as straight forward as they first seemed as I have been self employed for the last 13 years.
, bank charges, additional top up Travel Insurance and selling of PPIs etc along my Lloyds journey.

I got into financial trouble a couple of years ago and looked into the details of the bank account a little more closely and realised I was most likely miss-sold lots of products. In order to reduce my debts I firstly asked Lloyds to put a stop on the accruing interest, which they ignored.
I offered 3k to settle the 10k debt but this was refused. I also asked Lloyds to stop charging me for the Packaged account and move my account to a standard package. They wouldn't do this either but then when I was paying the odd amount into the account the bank the account was suddenly closed and Lloyds must have sold the debt to Capquest.

Capquest have chased me for quite a while and to be honest I don't know why they were handed the debt when I had so may outstanding issues with the account.

I am about to write to Capquest with a formal request of a full breakdown of the debt which I hope will supply me with 33 years of statements and details of charges and agreements.

Can anyone advise what I should do next? I assume they will have details of the full account and send them within the required 14 days.