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Don't throw anything away !

M1, sorry to contact you in this way but I have been online for hours trying to find a post from you I saw a few weeks ago and I cannot for the life of me find the information I'm looking for, and in the process I am stressing out!!

My partner has received a parking fine from MET Parking. I sent the following letter I found on here from you:

'I, as registered keeper, wish to invoke your appeals procedure. The driver was a customer of Costa and did not see the signage. In any event the charges are penal and not a genuine pre estimate of loss as well as being an amount larger than permitted under the BPA code of practice to which you subscribe.

I will not name the driver as I am under no statutory obligation to do so.

Please accept my appeal or supply a POPLA code.'

MET Parking have replied and have rejected the letter (like I expected thanks to your wise words!) but have supplied a POPLA code. Now what do I do? I can't find the thread I read from you originally anywhere.

Any ideas M1 (totally appreciate you must have a huge backlog of desperate people like myself nagging you ) or anyone else for that matter !?

Thanks everyone!