Hi everyone, long time no see.

Quick story: Was subject to a disciplinary in Feb 2012 and went to get some 'proper' legal advice from a solicitors in Manchester first. Must have received a bill at some point, probably while reading the letter telling me I no longer had a job. Deep depression put me into a padded cell for much of that year. In the meantime, CCJ against me for £1,269.25 + Judgment costs of £182.00 - Fair enough, never had a CCJ before, but not functioning properly at the time..

Finally got my act together in July 2012 after some very big burly chaps kept knocking on the door for a few weeks (at my new address - yes I'd had to move) and finding money somewhat tight i offered £20 a month until i could afford more. I have one letter acknowledging this, but no bill or breakdown of costs or anything to describe the additions which I have TODAY become aware of (from asking for it). Costs of Execution £111.75, Accrued Interest £113.53, or Disbursements at £639. Total now £2,315.93. Apparently interest is still going on it at 30p per day !!!:0 I seem to remember the 'nice' lady at HCEG telling me only to pay £20 a month if I couldn't really afford £50. Crikey.

No statements, no total, no contact from High Court Enforcement Group on behalf of their client Moon Beever until today. Apparently my balance still outstanding is £1,195.93 - I have paid off £1,120 at £20 per month.

Can anyone please advise me: a) can they add this lot? b) I can't sort out what I still owe off the original bill, who I owe what to and therefore what would be acceptable as an offer.

Any help gratefully received.

Thanks guys n gals.