About 10 years ago my wife got into difficulties with Nationwide, had a credit card that was defaulted, an overdraft account that defaulted and another account that defaulted. These have all since long gone off her credit file.

One of the accounts was sold to MKDP and over the last 2 years or so not heard a thing since sending a SB letter to them, about 3 or 4 weeks ago a letter turned up from MKDP / Hoist saying they have made a commercial decision not to pursue the debt, about the same time my Wife went into NW to find out about her ISA that was still held there, the cashier said then that 2 flex accounts were still open and accruing charges for having a negative balance (the balance was the same as the defaulted amount 10 yrs ago).

Today she got a letter from NW offering travel insurance on the Account that was sold to MKDP, this has only happened since MKDP / Hoist said they would close their account and she queried her ISA.

When the account was defaulted and sold should it have shown as closed?

Can NW reopen the account some 8 - 10 years later? ( not been on credit file for at least 2 years).

We are not as such worried as we know all 3 of the accounts are SB and the credit card one was totally unenforceable anyway, but just wondering if they are likely to try and start reporting to the CRA's again.